Today, we’re anchored in sweet … time ago, around 1900, in Koper, a steamer in Italian “vaporetto”, who drove from Koper to Trieste, often docked here. According to this boat, the name “Al Vaporetto” got a coffee shop, which operated on the Piazzale Baluardo Square, today’s Ukmar Square.

And you know what? Today the same place is our Kavarna Kapitanija. Since we want to recall the memory of that period, we are slowly reviving the old customs. That’s why we have created an Al Vaporetto product line for you. We put together the old with modern and intertwined flavors that will take you far back and anchor you in sweet

… enjoy the trip


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“Baking can be a science, but the chemistry between the ingredients and the baker is the one who brings desserts to life. Baking is carried out with love, which we share with family and friends, and the smiles that brings on lips…”


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